The Last Of Us Part I Remake’s

The Last Of Us Part I is an upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive. It is a complete remake of the original hit title from 2013 on PlayStation 3. The game was after remastered for PlayStation 4 in 2014, but this new version is a complete remake, according to the studio and it has had a history of notable leaks so far, from its first reveal at this year’s Summer Game Fest, to screenshots and video of the game spreading on Twitter and YouTube. As a game released not so long ago and powered without the original multiplayer (although there is a separate multiplayer game in the world of Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us by the way), it is also the subject of intense debate, with many wondering if it should exist at all.

The recent leaks concern the new accessibility options for the upcoming remake. Spotted on Twitter by the user Naughty Dog Info and first reported by Video Games Chronicle, the remake will allow you to customize the action difficulty, with options for audio signals to engage in action, adjustments to the behavior of the enemy AI, such as disabling their ability to flank you, reducing their overall accuracy, etc. There is also an interesting option “Skip the puzzle” and field of view settings. The screenshots also reveal help with “traversal” and “navigation”, as well as audio descriptions. All the great things.

I’m curious about the “Skip Puzzle” option, though. Like many modern games, The Last Of Us is a kind of hybrid of several genres: it is a 3rd-person action-adventure game, also a survival game, a traditional linear story game, rhythm by rhythm, and there are sequences that move you around containers and ladders like puzzles. Will the characters automatically move pieces around the environment? Will there be a “fade to black” jump of whole pieces?

The audio description function was also featured in a recent Sony video. The Last Of Us Part I rebuilt for PS5.A little after the halfway point of the 10-minute video, game director Matthew Gallant describes the remake as “the first PlayStation game with an audio description integrated into the cutscene.”You can hear the feature film describing a scene in which Ellie and Joel are finishing time in an empty apartment. It’s a fantastic thing. Really.

Accessibility features should be standard. Period. End of story. While I tend to commend Naughty Dog for including this, and their efforts are appreciated, it’s something we should expect to see in all games. And it’s even easier by having big studios like Naughty Dog setting the standard. When I spoke with indie developer Clarris Cyarron about her team’s work on glitchhikers accessibility and content options, she specifically referred to the last of our Part II as the standard they were referring to when creating their game’s accessibility content and features. I don’t care if I’m the last of us to revisit myself, but it’s great to know that others will be able to play it for the first time with fewer limits and that other developers will go through a new standard.

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