The Biggest Update In Gta Online

As part of this delinquent Enterprise update, Rockstar is adding a new series of missions that will see players team up again with the IAA (the CIA’s version of GTA) as an unofficial agent to help take down an “infamous oil-rich dynasty” in Los Santos that is taking advantage of the heat and rising prices.

But this is only part of this huge upcoming update. In today’s blog sharing the details of the update, Rockstar explained that all the in-game activities of GTA Online are being expanded, offering players more ways to earn more money. For example, biker bars will now fill up with customers, and players will be able to complete missions to keep the drink and money flowing. Best of all, it seems that all these extensions will be free.

While I’ve enjoyed some of the companies Rockstar has added to the game over the years, it’s nice to see the developers going back and developing the old content instead of just cramming another company into the mix.

However, for former players, the most exciting changes and adjustments coming in this next big update are all the small improvements in the quality of life.

Rockstar promises that there will be a faster way to access your snacks, which would make it easier to heal during a shootout. Also comes: From Nerves to the infamous and evil Oppressor Mk. 2 Armed Jetbike, which has long reigned in the sky of gta Online and led to stop the anger of many players. Another small but huge change is that all commercial activities, including the sale of missions, will soon be fully playable in private sessions.

This has been requested by fans for years and it’s nice to finally see it happen. Rockstar is also increasing the payment for old heists, races and opponent modes and will also increase the number of paid employees and bodyguards.

All in all, this update is exactly what GTA Online needs. After years and years of Rockstar piling more and more into the game, often not coming back to tweak or improve things after the fact, it’s nice to see an update mainly focused on expanding the old content while adding features and changes requested by fans.

Update: 07/22/22: Following yesterday’s announcement of the upcoming delinquent enterprises update on gta Online, Rockstar Games has shared more information about some of the quality of life changes and adjustments made to the long-running open world game.

The full blog post on Rockstar’s site has a full list of the changes. The list goes on, but here are a few changes that caught my eye:

Players will now be able to purchase a maximum of ammunition for all weapons at once through the interaction menu. In addition, players will be able to easily access snacks and armor via active keyboard shortcuts when the weapon wheel is in place.

Oh, and if you die on a mission, Rockstar will replenish your snacks with what you had before, making it easier to try tricky missions again, especially if you’re playing solo.

On the PC, you can disable the chat box in the game.

Rockstar is finally letting players jog instead of just walking around the casino and nightclubs.

You will now be able to create 10 properties in the game, increasing your total garage space by up to 20 vehicles. I don’t really like owning so many things, but for collectors, it’s important.

To help action annoying heartaches, free roaming eliminations will no longer affect your K/D stat.

And if someone strike you on the loose in an armed vehicle and you retaliate, you will not be charged a destruction fee if you manage to blow up your striker.

The in-game race creation tool is significantly expanded, allowing players to add more checkpoints, accessories, increase the number of players in certain races, and more.

Rockstar says these changes come directly from fan feedback, which I believe. Many of these changes have been requested by fans for years. Although there are still many things that can be changed and improved in GTA Online, this upcoming update will go a long way to making the game more streamlined, modern and fun.

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