It’s Too Hot To Play VR

Last year I bought a VR headset in anticipation of the then upcoming Resident Evil 4 port. (I have a problem, I know.) I’ve played a lot of VR since then. Or rather, it was me, until it got so damn hot that now I’d rather do something else than put a hot, sweaty VR

Figure Of Cloud Strife In A Dress

As a lover of men, dresses and men in dresses, you can imagine how excited I was to see Square Enix announce its collaboration with Play Arts Kai on a figurine celebrating Cloud Strife’s cross-dressing adventure in Final Fantasy VII Remake. And even better, it has nothing to do with all the NFT nonsense that

The Biggest Update In Gta Online

As part of this delinquent Enterprise update, Rockstar is adding a new series of missions that will see players team up again with the IAA (the CIA’s version of GTA) as an unofficial agent to help take down an “infamous oil-rich dynasty” in Los Santos that is taking advantage of the heat and rising prices.