About Steam Horror Games And Challenges

It may look and play like an asset flip, but paying me back if you can is nothing but clever with its premise: you have two hours to escape a monster, get out of a sewer-like maze, and you must promise-on your honor—that you won’t ask for a refund through Steam. You are different, and

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Two

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II-The Sith Lords is a horror story. What happens when the force no longer benefits you? Can you survive if you run away from the Chosen One? KotOR 2 shows you the dead, unbeatable heart of an endlessly vast and carefree Galaxy. Instead of being fully committed to

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Leak

The Scarlet and purple Pokémon are currently trapped in a whirlwind of alleged leaks, but the text on a less-than-legitimate photo is secretly mocking people who are looking for every bit of information they can get instead of providing real information about upcoming games. The image was reportedly first posted on 4chan before taking to

Dinkum Yours New Favorite Game

Unless you’re a card-carrying member of Kotaku Australia, seeing the indie simulation game Dinkum swimming in the chart of new Steam releases might seem weird. But don’t confuse Dinkum, which takes its name from the Australian slang term “fair dinkum”, which means authentic (more or less), with your old dinky Converse or my rinky-dink Macbook

It’s Too Hot To Play VR

Last year I bought a VR headset in anticipation of the then upcoming Resident Evil 4 port. (I have a problem, I know.) I’ve played a lot of VR since then. Or rather, it was me, until it got so damn hot that now I’d rather do something else than put a hot, sweaty VR

Alien Abduction Movies

Alien abductions are not in the zeitgeist of the 90s, when the X-Files propelled little green (or gray) men into the mainstream of pop culture. The age of the cell phone has pointed to the dubious nature of the idea that flying saucers are constantly buzzing the Earth in search of human rectum to probe:

Figure Of Cloud Strife In A Dress

As a lover of men, dresses and men in dresses, you can imagine how excited I was to see Square Enix announce its collaboration with Play Arts Kai on a figurine celebrating Cloud Strife’s cross-dressing adventure in Final Fantasy VII Remake. And even better, it has nothing to do with all the NFT nonsense that

New City-Building Game

At first glance (and for much of his tutorial) Urbek seems more ambitious than that! He is an urban planner, but you also have to set up farms, cut down trees, extract coal and build factories, which, I know, seems like a lot if you care about the usual things (building houses and roads), but

Reasons Behind The Cat in Stray Is Orange

In May, during a closed preview at Kotaku, BlueTwelve producer Swann Martin-Raget addressed the topic. He said, before explaining that the decision to stick with an orange tabby came down to two key factors: production limitations and narrative justification. ” We are a small team, and from a production point of view, it was quite

The Last Of Us Part I Remake’s

The Last Of Us Part I is an upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive. It is a complete remake of the original hit title from 2013 on PlayStation 3. The game was after remastered for PlayStation 4 in 2014, but this new version is a complete remake, according to the studio and it has had a history

Do’s And Don’ts For Gaming

The whole world has a fever. Here in New York, I sit inside with the fan on my face as the city sweats through the hottest week in nearly ten years. Europe is engulfed in forest fires, drought is sharpening East Africa, and incessant monsoon rains are drowning Bangladesh. The world is very sick. People

The Biggest Update In Gta Online

As part of this delinquent Enterprise update, Rockstar is adding a new series of missions that will see players team up again with the IAA (the CIA’s version of GTA) as an unofficial agent to help take down an “infamous oil-rich dynasty” in Los Santos that is taking advantage of the heat and rising prices.